Friday, April 29, 2005

Day 15 - April 29, 2005: Home

The flight home went OK. Customs in Atlanta sucks, though. Because the international concourse is the very last one, and the furthest from the main terminal, you have to go through passport control, pick up your luggage, go through customs, re-check your luggage (unless you're connecting to somewhere else on Delta), then go through the metal detector lines. If a couple "heavies" come in at about the same time, that final security line can take an hour to get through. Anyway, we picked up our luggage, got to the car, and drove home. Everything was going well, until I opened the small suitcase and discovered that a bottle of Chianti broke and leaked onto my sneakers and Angela's white sweater. Damn! I will never put wine in checked luggage anymore. d'Oh!

It was an amazing trip. Can't wait til the next one. Angela's already trying to figure out where to go next year...


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